• Stretch Ceilings for improved room acoustics!

    Is sound your profession and/or passion?

    Do you love music and can’t live without it? Or are you just not happy with the room acoustic in your office, home theater, restaurant or any other venue?

    Take your room acoustic to the next level with our specialty: Acoustic Stretch Ceilings!

    You’re not just getting a beautiful matte/satin/glossy Phoenix Stretch Ceiling in the color you like, combined with contemporary LED lighting solutions, you will also be amazed what hides behind, respectively above, our Stretch Ceiling.

    The ceiling membrane is micro-perforated with approx. 25.000 holes per sq/ft or even more (hardly recognizable!), but the sound travels through and our premium sound absorption material hidden above our ceiling will make it work! It’s not the absorption material in itself, it is the right combination of micro-perforated ceiling and absorber which delivers such impressive results!

    Check the BEFORE / AFTER audio recordings below to get an idea how big the difference is! There is no reverberation left after our ceiling is installed under exactly identical recording conditions.

    BEFORE installation of acoustic Stretch Ceiling:


    AFTER installation of acoustic Stretch Ceiling:


    You don’t need a dated T-bar ceiling style with acoustic panels for this or dust catching acoustic panels on the walls! Keep your walls free for more attractive things like paintings and get a contemporary ceiling style with very unique LED lighting solutions.

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    Your PHOENIX-team