Stretch Ceilings

PHOENIX Stretch Ceilings are an innovative ceiling concept for new construction and renovation projects in residential and commercial environments.

Our unique ceiling solution offers nearly unlimited designs for your ceilings, from a white matte ceiling to completely illuminated ceilings or wall features, imprinted ceilings, acoustic ceilings and much more. Utilize Stretch Ceilings to cover an outdated existing ceiling or other unattractive structures, or create distinctive designs for new construction projects. Whatever project you have, we work with you, respectively your Interior Designer / Architect, to create a solution that matches your taste and budget.

Stretch Ceilings are available in over 100 colours and different finishes (matte, satin, high gloss), offering an additional stylish feature to every room. Beyond the aesthetics, a Stretch Ceiling offers big technical advantages over traditional ceilings. It can be opened and closed again without damage, which makes it an unbeatable system to conceal e.g. existing pipes, wiring, ductwork and service fixtures while maintaining the accessibility and having a stylish appearance at the same time. Our high gloss finish is one of our most popular styles, creating a mirror effect that let a room appear higher, bigger and more luxurious. In addition to that, the high reflective surface reflects the natural light and the electrical lights in the room, which increases the brightness significantly. It is therefore the perfect solution for pretty low ceilings in combination with insufficient light in a room, a situation often found in basements.

New Construction

Stretch ceilings are popular to use in new construction projects to create a stylish and contemporary ceiling design with distinctive lighting solutions, which can’t be realized with any other ceiling system!

If you are looking to incorporate a Stretch Ceiling solution in your new home or at a commercial environment, we recommend you to contact us in an early stage of your project to assist you in making decisions about:

  • Where our beautiful Stretch Ceiling designs could accommodate YOUR style in the best way.
  • Which of our very unique LED lighting solutions you like to incorporate, e.g. a completely illuminated ceiling as feature in a hallway or LED channels along the perimeter in the bathroom etc.
  • Where to save money, when you decide to go with a Stretch Ceiling, e.g. you don’t have to finish a drywall ceiling when we install our Stretch Ceilings below or you can leave the joists even completely open depending on the individual situation.

Our consulting & estimates are always free! So call us to meet you already in the planning stage of your new project.


Stretch ceilings are a convenient and great looking choice for renovation projects.

For example, many existing homes were built with stippled / popcorn ceilings, partly to cover imperfections of the drywall ceilings, which can look outdated. Homeowners with those ceilings who want to update their homes are faced with the difficult task of removing the stippled / popcorn finish first, before being able to apply an updated finish. The process is time consuming, messy and it is often difficult to achieve a perfect result. Not to mention it could be very expensive, if the old ceiling finish contains asbestos, which was pretty common before 1990.

Our stretch ceilings provide a modern solution that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but can also be installed without having to go through the removal process of the old ceiling. The installation can often be completed within one day for an average residential room size and in most cases furniture doesn’t even need to be moved. It’s time to think about your old ceilings and how gorgeous they could look with a fresh new design. Beyond the design capitalize on the technical advantages of our Stretch Ceilings like the

  • improved room acoustics
  • anti-static surfaces -> no dust catcher! If there is something on it, you can wipe it easily of with a micro fabric cloth.
  • maintaining accessibility of all structures above our Stretch Ceiling
  • resistance against moisture and chlorine -> no molding of ceilings and therefore also the best and nicest solution for your bathroom or pool area.

Our stretch ceilings are available in a variety of finishes & styles to meet your individual needs:

  • Matte finish
  • Satin finish
  • High Gloss finish (mirror effect)
  • Metallic finish
  • Velour
  • Translucent membranes (for illuminated ceilings and wall features)
  • Micro-perforated membranes (for improved room acoustics)

Phoenix Stretch Ceilings are suitable for a range of applications in residential and commercial environments and will create a distinctive and unique look wherever they are installed – stunning results guaranteed! Below some typical examples for applications, but the limit is your own imagination and our skilled team to transform it into reality.


  • Bathrooms
    e.g. with LED channels or completely illuminated ceilings with coloured LED light to create the SPA feeling at home.
  • Kitchens
    e.g. a high gloss ceiling to compliment your cabinetry with an illuminated channel / field above the kitchen island, flush to the surrounding ceiling; every custom shape is possible!
  • Living Rooms
    e.g. colored ceiling to match or contrast your interior with modern LED recessed lights
  • Hallways
    e.g. completely illuminated ceiling with custom imprint (cloudy sky with sun shining through)
  • Home Theaters / Bars / Entertainment Room
    NO limits! Let’s us play with LED lighting features, colours, custom prints etc. to create YOUR unique space!
  • Pool & Spa
    e.g. always very beautiful with high gloss ceilings, where the water surface mirrors up in the ceiling.


  • Offices
  • Hotels & Conference Centers
  • Shopping Centers
  • Retail Stores
  • Restaurants / Bars
  • Salons / Lounges
  • Spa & Wellness Centres
  • Swimming Pools
  • Exhibition Halls
  • Art Venues

The design solutions are always very unique and the result of the close cooperation of the Architects & Interior Designers with our specialists.

How does it work?

A stretch ceiling is a suspended ceiling system consisting of two basic components:

  • a perimeter track mounted on an existing ceiling (drywall, wood, concrete, etc.) or onto a wall
  • a highly durable lightweight, dirt resistant and anti-static ceiling membrane, which is always a custom made piece up to 800 sq ft (ask us for solutions for bigger ceilings), which has exactly the contour of the existing room.

Choose the colour & finish that suits your taste and interior design, and we will stretch the custom sized ceiling membrane from wall to wall for you. Watch this short clip to get an idea how it works.

Our stretch ceilings can be applied as little as approx. 1” below an existing ceiling or other structures like open joists/rafters etc. All ceiling fixtures you know from traditional ceilings can be incorporated in our Stretch Ceilings. We provide a variety of sophisticated and energy saving LED lighting solutions and will find the suitable style for you, whatever your preferences are.

Ask us about the possibilities and contact us today for a FREE consultation.

Bedroom with glossy Stretch CeilingHigh sloped Stretch Ceiling above KitchenTray Ceiling with high gloss white Stretch CeilingLiving Room high gloss grey Stretch CeilingKitchen with high gloss Stretch CeilingKitchen with high gloss Stretch CeilingKitchen light grey Stretch Ceiling mirror effectCaseta with high gloss ceilingFront Desk office with high gloss ceilingFlying chandelier under high gloss Stretch CeilingResidential Lobby with dark grey ceiling with high gloss finish and chandelierTransformation of an old T-bar ceiling with Phoenix Stretch Ceilings.High gloss ceiling for office spaceCustom Stretch Ceiling Design with illuminated oval channel with custom printOval Stretch Ceiling Design with backlit and custom printStretch Ceiling with ambient LED lighting for feature wallHigh gloss office ceiling with ambient LED lightingYoga Studio with high gloss ceiling and chandeliers -> mirror effectHigh gloss ceiling for basement suite