Illuminated Ceilings & Feature Walls

Illuminated Stretch Ceilings transform an ordinary ceiling into a spectacular light display. Utilizing the full width and length of the ceiling, the custom LED lighting installation is positioned above the translucent ceiling membrane, which diffuses the light and generates the uniform and visually stunning lighting display. To enhance this lighting feature even further, we are able to print every custom image in form of a high resolution UV print on our Ceilings. This in combination with the backlit is a WOWing effect par excellence.

We have a large database of gorgeous images available or for an even more personal effect, you can provide us with your own image, e.g. showcasing your unforgettable memories. In commercial spaces it could be e.g. the company logo or any other well-known structure or pattern for branding. The same what we could provide with our ceilings is also available as illuminated feature walls, which is often used in commercial spaces in combination with imprint for branding, e.g. a huge picture with backlit of the recently opened subsidiary overseas! The lighting installation can always remain and the membrane with imprint could be easily exchanged when there is something new to tell.

However, the secret to our spectacular illuminated ceilings and wall features is the translucent membrane which allows light to pass through. The LED lighting installations behind the ceiling membrane – which can be displaying white, coloured or alternating colours – use the latest LED technology to create a homogeneous distributed light even for very big surfaces. Even sunsets and day lighting transitions can be displayed with this state of the art technology.

The translucent membranes can also be used to provide light to specific areas in form of illuminated channels / fields, e.g. above work desks or counters for a functional and ergonomic lighting solution which promotes concentration and fatigue-proof working. Those illuminated channels / fields can be surrounded with any other ceiling style on the same level, which creates a very modern and clean appearance.

Discover a new feeling of light naturally flowing in your space through a well-designed illuminated ceiling or feature wall. Your eyes will be less strained with no shadows cast by the daylight simulating lights in your home or workspace or any other place where you are looking for a stunning and distinctive lighting feature.

Illuminated Ceilings and walls can also be very effectively used in:

  • Show rooms
  • Show homes
  • Retail Stores
  • Reception areas
  • Lobbies of Hotels / Commercial Building of any kind
  • Casinos
  • Offices
  • Conference Rooms etc.

Please view our gallery of illuminated ceilings and feature walls to get inspired!

Illuminated Stretch Ceiling with custom printIlluminated wall features to backlit display at Retail StoreFloating illuminated panel with custom print