• Replacement of an old Drop Ceiling

    Do you want to cover open joist / rafters and all other structures like ductwork, electrical installations, plumbing, etc.? Do you want to maintain the accessibility to all structures behind the ceiling and have a beautiful ceiling at the same time?

    We have a great solution for you – our STRETCH CEILINGS! An installed Stretch Ceiling is perfectly plane and smooth. You could choose from over 100 different colours and finishes like mat, satin and lacquer (mirror effect) and some other specialties – ask us! You keep the access to all structures behind the ceiling, because our Stretch Ceilings could be removed and put back in without any damage. See pictures below from a recent project in Kelowna.


    14 11 drop ceiling frames 14 11 drop ceiling during


    14 11 drop ceiling after 1 14 11 drop ceiling after 2

    A Stretch Ceiling is always a unique and innovative solution for renovations and NEW construction. Every ceiling is tailor-made and comes in one piece (up to 800 sq ft) which fits exactly into your room, whatever shape it is? Sounds interesting? Call us on 250-769-3499 for an appointment to get your free estimate and our best advice for your NEW ceiling.

    November 2014