• Project: Upgrade Board Roam with Track-Lights

    How could you make an already nice board room with track lights even more attractive? Use a Stretch Ceiling with lacquered finish! The reflective surface underline the installed ligthing solutions and the room appears higher, even when it lost approx. 1 1/2 inches in height due to the installation of the ceiling. Visit THE FACTORY in downtown Kelowna to see our ceiling below “live” as well as other innovative products for residential and commercial buildings. Take advantage of visiting THE FACTORY and find different local trades under one roof, which saves your time and give you the chance to see the different products in combination. In this case the nice wall finishing of the CLAYMASTERS in combination with a PHOENIX STRETCH CEILING. 

     BEFORE:                                                                                             AFTER: 

    1502 01 board room THE FACTORY 1502 02 board room THE FACTORY

    February 2015