• Project: Stippled / Popcorn ceiling vs. Printed Stretch Ceiling

    Instead of going the dirty way of scraping the old outdated stippled ceiling off and re-finishing everything, we covered it nicely with a printed Stretch Ceiling. You could choose prints like that from our huge database or we could take your own favorite motif / picture for the print, whatever your preferences are. See pictures below from a recent project in West Kelowna.


    1411 2 1 printed SC 1411 2 2 printed SC


    1411 2 3 printed SC opt 1411 2 4 printed SC opt 1411 2 5 printed SC opt 1411 2 6 printed SC opt

    Maybe it’s time to think about your old ceilings and how gorgeous they could look with a fresh new design. Call us on 250-769-3499 for an appointment to get your free estimate and our best advice for your NEW ceiling.

    November 2014