• Project: renovation guest bathroom

    The main objective of this project in Kelowna was to cover the old stippled ceiling and to find a nice substitute for the old-fashioned neon tube lighting.

    Solution: Green lacquered Stretch Ceiling which fits great to the grey walls combined with LED lighting running around the perimeter of the room (6’ x 8’), which offers sufficient and homogenous light.

    This kind of ceiling design is predestinated for bathrooms. The lacquered ceiling (over 100 colours available!) with mirror effect let the room appear bigger and more luxurious. The LED lighting along the perimeter gives the room an additional distinctive and modern look. An alternative option would be to work with recessed lighting.

    BEFORE:                                                                 DURING INSTALLATION:

    14 12 1 restroom stippled ceiling 14 12 2 restroom LED perimeter
    14 12 3 restroom LED corner


    14 12 4 restroom green lacquered ceiling


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      14 12 4 restroom green lacquered ceiling2

    November 2014