• Opening JAZZ concert at THE FORUM

    On March 31, 2016 we enjoyed the great opening and JAZZ concert at The Forum, which is kind of a sister building to The Factory, where our main showroom is located. It will be a meeting place for the community and host all kind of events in the future…….find out more on THE FORUM¬†facebook page.

    Please check our Facebook page for details and a 6 minutes clip of the concert…..it was gorgious!

    Below some pictures of our Stretch Ceilings at The Forum after the renovation was done. All ceilings have a high gloss finish (mirror effect) and provide different lighting. Professional stage lighting for the auditorium (ceiling in white with a tint of green), contemporary recessed LED lighting for the meeting room (ceiling in mint green) and finally a very unique and dimmable LED lighting along the perimeter for the healing room (ceiling in light blue). Feel free to contact us if you want to see those ceilings live!

    1604 The Forum 01 1604 The Forum 02
    1604 The Forum 03 1604 The Forum 04
    1604 The Forum 06 1604 The Forum 05