• NEW ceiling for basement kitchen

    A situation you often find in older basement suites…..a drop ceiling to maintain the access to plumbing, wiring, etc. combined with fluorescent lighting, which often looks pretty bad after a few years and definitely far away from modern!

    Solution: Take the old drop ceiling out and cover the open joists nicely with a Phoenix Stretch Ceiling in any colour and finish (matte, satin, high gloss) you have in mind and combine it e.g. with contemporary recessed lighting. You still have access to all structures above the ceiling, because a Stretch Ceiling could be opened and closed without damaging, e.g. for maintenance work, repairs, extensions etc. The use of a Stretch Ceiling with high gloss finish let the room appear higher, bigger and more luxurious due to its high reflective surface. Beyond that, the reflection provides a brighter light in the room because of the reflection of all lights in the room. Of course, this would be also the perfect solution for completely unfinished basement to cover the open joists. See BEFORE / AFTER pictures below.

      1511 before after kitchen ceiling grey high gloss


    October 2015