May 1-3, 2015: LUXURY HOME & DESIGN SHOW at Vancouver Convention Center

      Luxury Home Show Vancouver

    Vancouver was recently home to the 2015 Luxury Home & Design Show. Attendees were thrilled to find themselves amongst some of the country’s premier designers, architects, and builders. PHOENIX Interior Design teamed up with V6B Design Group (both members of THE FACTORY in Kelowna) on an amazing booth that wowed visitors and earned rave reviews from the crowd. Attendees were quick to notice the unique stretch ceiling provided by Phoenix, and the sublime cabinetry of V6B. Both firms were very happy with their reception, and are already looking forward to the next show.

    To find out more about the various design possibilities offered by both companies please don’t hesitate to contact Laura from V6B at 250.869.5183 or Axel from PHOENIX at 250.769.3499 for a free consultation.

    Below some pictures for you!  

    1505 LHD Vancouver 1 1505 LHD Vancouver 2
    1505 LHD Vancouver 3 1505 LHD Vancouver 4

      May 2015