• Kelowna Home Show 2015

    Kelowna Home Show 2015, February 21 & 22 at Prospera Place in Kelowna

    After looking into the details of the regulations for the show at Prospera Place, we found out, that only max. 30% of the booth surface could be covererd with our STRETCH CEILINGS, because of the bylaws regarding fire protection…..not a lot when you want to display a ceiling system. However, after some adjustments of our already existing plan for the booth, we found a solution to display different applications for STRETCH CEILINGS incl. its lighting solution and stayed at 28% covered surface:-) See pictures of our booth and the different application below:  

    1502 02 Home Show Kelo     1502 03 Home Show Kelo
    1502 04 Home Show Kelo 1502 05 Home Show Kelo 1502 06 Home Show Kelo 1502 07 Home Show Kelo

    red, lacquered finish               perforated acoustic ceiling     cappucino, lacquered finish    white, mat finish       with recessed light                 (improved room acoustics)     (mirror effect!)                        (covered popcorn)

    1502 01 Home Show Kelo

    Our friendly neighbour at the show, artist Terry Isaac from Penticton, was so nice and supported us with the draw directly after the show for our show prizes #1-3. The winners will get an e-mail in the coming days with further details!

    We are already in discussion with Isaac to print one of his beautiful pictures onto our translucent membrane to backlit it like the red maple leaves at our booth…..would be awesome!

    If you couldn’t manage to come to this show, take the chance to meet us at one of the next shows in Penticton and Kelowna next month; find further details under the section events below.

    February 2015