• How do reduce the heat under skylights!

    A lot of people know about the problem with skylight during the hot Okanagan summer…..it’s like in a green house, especially without air-conditioning. What to do, without abstaining the nice natural light?

    Solution: A translucent Stretch Ceiling!

    See the BEFORE / AFTER picture below from a recent project in Kelowna, where we closed the lower part of the skylights with a translucent Stretch Ceiling to keep the heat above and still having the natural light coming through the translucent ceiling. The translucent ceiling holds the heat back and diffuses the natural light from above and avoid therewith also an overheating of the interior surfaces below due to directional sunrays. Positive side effect: It looks really great:-))

    1507 before after hallway skylights covered with translucent ceilings


    August 2015