• Dated Popcorn / Stippled Ceilings

    Do you have an outdated popcorn ceiling / stippled ceiling in combination with old halogen light fixtures? We have the perfect solution for you: Our beautiful European Stretch Ceilings in combination with contemporary and energy efficient LED lighting solutions!

    Stretch Ceilings offer beyond the distinctive designs following advantages for your renovation project:

    • quick & clean installation process – NO dirt, NO furniture removal necessary and we are often done in a day or two. Our ceilings will be installed approx. 1” below your existing ceiling instead of going through the mess of scraping the stippled structure off, which could be also critical when it comes to older ceiling (before the 90’s), because the may contain asbestos!
    • PHOENIX Stretch Ceilings are anti-static -> NO dust catcher!
    • NO fading of colors or degrading in another way and very easy to clean with a micro fabric cloth
    • 10-year limited warranty!
    • Improved room acoustics
    • Our Stretch Ceilings could be opened and closed again without damage, so you maintain the accessibility of all structures behind (plumbing, wiring, etc.)

    Sounds interesting for you? Give us a call on 250-769-3499 for a free consultation today!

    Below some BEFORE / AFTER pictures of a recent project at FRESH DENTAL HYGIENE AND WELLNESS in Kelowna.

    Your PHOENIX-team

    BEFORE:                                                                             AFTER: