• Ceiling transformation at YOGA studio!

    Below some pictures of a stunning ceiling transformation at a YOGA studio in Vernon (www.lotusandlettuce.com) from an old stippled ceiling with repair sections to a glossy white Stretch Ceiling!

    Requirement: Ceiling should be finished in one day to allow the YOGI’s to have classes again the next day -> very important for lots of businesses to keep the downtime low!

    Result: We stayed with our promise to finish the approx. 600 sq ft ceiling in one day -> see pictures below!

    Saturday 7:30am: Old textured ceilings with repair sections!
    Saturday 6pm: Space transformed with beautiful Stretch Ceiling in white, with high gloss finish (mirror effect!). Is it not amazing how the beautiful artwork on the wall and the pendants mirror up in the ceiling?

    Hope you like it! Stay tuned for other exciting renovation & remediation projects!

    Your team @ Phoenix Stretch Ceilings