• ASBESTOS in your ceilings?

    If you have old popcorn/stippled ceilings, stucco, plaster etc. installed prior to 1990, they may contain asbestos particles / fibers. Those can cause asbestosis or mesothelioma if inhaled, which can be fatal!

    If particles are contained in the material, they aren’t harmful, because the won’t reach your lung. A complete remediation of those old ceilings is often very expensive, because of the necessary precautions which need to take place for the save and environment friendly removal of this material.

    Check also Asbestos awareness for homeowners from WORK SAFE BC if you want to learn more about ASBESTOS.

    As an alternative solution to a complete remediation process, you could leave your old ceilings like they are and we cover them with our beautiful Stretch Ceilings in any color and finish (matte, satin, high gloss) you prefer, because as mentioned before, asbestos is no hazard, if it stays contained in the building material!

    Your advantage:  NO dirt, NO harmful particles in the air, NO furniture removal necessary, NO time consuming process to get your new ceiling style!

    You could get your new modern Stretch Ceiling with energy saving LED lighting solutions within a day or two and save even money with our solutions! Below two BEFORE / AFTER pictures as example of a typical old asbestos containing stucco ceiling covered with a Stretch Ceiling in white with high gloss finish – what a change!

    Watch this short clip to see how quick & clean our installation process is and feel free to contact us any time for questions or a FREE consultation on site.


    Your team @ Phoenix Stretch Ceilings